Partner Yoga Session 

When: Saturday 17 February
Time: 5-6:30pm
Facilitator: Renee J
Details: Connect with a friend, family member or special someone as you practice yoga as a partnership. Partner yoga is a contact yoga practice that involves using your partner for support as you create yoga poses together. This session can help build balance, strength, flexibility, awareness and provide a cheerful and enjoyable yoga experience that you can share 🙂 
What to bring: A Partner!
Suitability: All levels including beginners (not suitable when pregnant). 
Price: $40 per partnership (price includes 2 people)


Restore & Rebalance Yoga Immersion 

When: Saturday 9 March
Time: 4:15-6:15pm
Facilitator: Renee J
Details: Sink softly into a yinner state of restoration and rejuvenation. Settle into therapeutic floor-based yoga poses complemented with soothing breathing and guided relaxation practices. Mindfully adjust your outer and inner process until you drift into a tranquil state of comfort, calm and ease. Take some time to slow down, rest, replenish, reconnect and restore your balance.
What to bring: Please BYO eye mask.
Suitability: All levels including beginners (not suitable when pregnant).
Price: $40 per person.


Private Yoga Class

When: By Appointment
Time: 60mins
Facilitator: As requested
Details: One hour of personalised yoga tuition for 1-2 people held at Viroga Yoga Studio. Great way to further your personal practice or enjoy a private yoga class with your family, friends or workmates.
Suitability: All levels including beginners (not suitable when pregnant)
Price: $85 total (price includes 1-2 people)


>>> Private Group Studio Classes, Special Event and Workplace Yoga Sessions are also available. Please contact for more details <<< 


Stress Less & Rest Meditation Session

When: TBA
Facilitator: Kaye
Details: Discover how Meditation and Mindfulness can support the natural calming systems of the body. Learn to cultivate the practice of the ‘observer self’, explore how to ‘watch the mind’ and tune into the body, and experience guided meditation practices that can help enable deep relaxation, ease tension, reduce stress, improve sleep and enhance wellbeing. 
Suitability: All levels including beginners (not suitable when pregnant).
Price: $40 per person.


Viroga Yoga Workshops

When: TBA
Facilitator: TBA
Details: These specialty workshops allow you advance your practice and deepen your understanding of some key yoga principles and improve alignment and refinement of yoga postures. This enjoyable and insightful journey can help you build your personal practice with natural wisdom.


Viroga Online
Yoga Classes

When: TBA
Facilitator: Renee J
Details: Join us for our zoom yoga classes from various locations at home and around the world!
Please Bring: Mat, a small blanket plus blocks & strap if you have them.
Suitability: All levels (not suitable when pregnant).






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