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Research has shown Yoga and Meditation in the workplace can help reduce tension and stress, improve workplace harmony and enhance employee positivity, productivity, health and well-being. At Viroga, we offer in-person and virtual Workplace Yoga and Meditation programs that can be tailored to meet the needs of the participants and the requirements of your organisation. Incorporating Yoga and Meditation into your workplace can help build a healthier, happier and more stress-resilient team and can also be a valuable investment in organisational wellness.


Providing Yoga and Meditation in your workplace can help to:
• Reduce stress and tension.
• Enhance health and wellbeing. 
• Create a more harmonious work environment. 
• Boost positivity, motivation and morale.
• Enhance focus and productivity.
• Support calmer communication and interactions.
• Improve customer service and team dynamics.
• Enhance employee satisfaction and engagement. 
• Foster a culture of wellness and wellbeing.
• Reduce absenteeism, staff turnover and other stress-related costs.


We offer a range of Workplace Yoga and Meditation programs that can be delivered in-person or virtually to better accommodate staff in remote locations. All sessions are 45-60 minutes long and are led by qualified and experienced instructors and can be tailored to meet the needs of your staff or organisation. They can be run as a once-off special event or as part of an ongoing program. Some of our popular sessions include:

• Cultivating Calm: Breathing, Relaxation and Meditation Session. Great for Stress Management.

• Chair Yoga: Yoga Postures & Meditation that can be done using a chair. Great for those who work at a desk.

• Viroga Yoga: Classic tension relieving yoga class with a guided relaxation. Great for all levels including beginners.

• Event Yoga: A yoga session that suits a larger group or event crowd. 


Viroga is an ancient Sanskrit word that means Wellness. At Viroga, we aim to promote wellness by providing Yoga and Meditation programs that enhance health, harmony and happiness for body, mind and being. Viroga was founded in 2005 by Renee J, Principal Yoga Instructor, Owner and Manager. View her Bio here…

Viroga has provided workplace Yoga and Meditation sessions for many leading organisations such as AVEO, Queensland Newspapers, Mirvac, CUA, Supercheap Auto, Pitcher Partners, Mayne Consumer Health, Nova FM, AIPT, Belvedere Hotel, Full Moon Hotel, Queensland Parliament, Department of Employment & Workplace Relations. We have also provided yoga sessions at large scale events such as the Bluewater Festival, Yoga Fest, and Bridge to Brisbane.


We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help you to create a culture of health and wellness that benefits both you, your employees and your organisation. Please contact Renee J for more information.



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Phone: 04 91 61 01 61