Renee J is the Principal Yoga Instructor, Founder, Owner and Manager of VIROGA Yoga Studio and Retreats. Renee comes from a background in Business and Vocational Training. She is a registered Yoga Therapist and Senior Level Yoga and has undertaken many specialized courses in Yoga and Meditation. She has been teaching yoga full-time since 2005 and has hosted retreats both domestically and overseas. She has also sat on the State, National and Executive Committee of Yoga Australia. Renee infuses posture, breathwork, meditation and yoga theory into a range of flowing, structural, restorative and therapeutic styles. Her light-hearted manner creates a sensible, accessible and enjoyable yoga experience. Renee loves to share how the peaceful power of yoga can help manage stress. improve wellbeing and cultivate health, harmony, happiness for the body, mind and being.

Alana started practicing yoga in 2014 and was drawn to the mat as a way to find calm, strength, balance & connection whilst working a demanding job in special education in the fast, busy city of London. She offers mindful, flowing yoga classes that link movement with breath and invite students to find what feels good for them. Alana aims to create an inspiring, calm and compassionate energy in a yoga practice, while honouring ancient traditions of yoga

Kaye is a quailfied Psychologist, Yoga & Meditation teacher. She has recently completed her Master’s in BioMedical Meditation Therapy & Allied Health. Kaye uses a blend of Western science & Eastern Philosophy to bring meditation into today’s modern lifestyle as a useful & practical life skill to reduce stress & enhance well-being

Rosa as been teaching & practicing yoga for many years. Pre & post natal yoga is her passion. She has a backroung in mental health nursing, alcohol & drug nursing, and somatic psychotherapy. Her classes create a calm, safe space to connect.

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