Viroga Yoga Studio classes will return in 2023.  Please check out the
Retreats, Workshops & Online Events that we currently offer!

Hatha Yoga

When: Returns 2023!
Duration: 75 mins
Teacher: Renee J
Suitability: All levels including beginners (not suitable when pregnant). 
Description: Stretch, Tone, Balance, Breathe, Relax, Enjoy!  Hatha Yoga classes begin with a gentle warm up followed by a range of yoga postures & practices designed to relieve tension, improve flexibility & stability, and help you feel calm & nourished at every level. Classes follow a therapeutic theme & practices can be tailored to suit any level or ability. Sessions conclude with a breathing exercise, deep relaxation or guided meditation. This class can help you release stress, revitalize body, mind & spirit & restore well-being. Beginners are welcome.  
Please Bring: 1 small blanket. If you have them, also bring your mat, blocks, strap & bolster.


Flow Yoga

When: Returns 2023
Duration: 60 mins
Teacher: Renee J & Alana
Suitability: Most levels (not suitable when pregnant)
Description: Flow Yoga is a moderately active, light vinyasa style of class that begin with a mindful warm up followed by a range of radiant yoga sequences that allow you to flow from pose to pose with the rhythm of the breath. The continuous fluid movement helps to free the flow of energy and balance the body, mind & being. Classes finish with a small relaxation. This class helps to build strength, stamina, flexibility & vitality at a sweet & steady pace.
Bring: 1 small blanket. If you have one, also bring your mat.


Power Yoga

When: Returns 2023
Duration: 55 mins
Teacher: Renee J
Suitability: Reasonably fit with some yoga experience (not suitable when pregnant).
Description: Power Yoga is our most vigorous yoga class. It is a strong dynamic vinyasa style that begins with sun salutations that then build into a range of powerful sequences and challenging yoga practices designed to lengthen, strengthen & invigorate the mind & body. Classes finish with a small relaxation. This class can help those with an existing practice build strength at every level & really get their Prana flowing! Not suitable for beginners.
Bring: 1 small blanket. If you have one, also bring your mat.


Yin Yoga

When: Returns 2023
Duration: 60 mins
Teacher: Renee J
Suitability: Most levels  (not suitable when pregnant). 
Description: Yin Yoga is a slow-paced, meditative style of yoga. It involves holding postures for a long period of time, observing your experience and mindfully adjusting your inner & outer process as required. The practice is designed to increase circulation to the fascia, tissues, organs, energy channels & deepen awareness of self. This class allows you to be still, be present & create more space in your mind & body.
Bring: 1 small blanket. If you have them, also bring your mat, blocks & bolster.


Strength & Length Yoga

When: Returns 2023
Duration: 75 mins
Teacher: Alana
Suitability: Most levels (not suitable when pregnant).
Description: Strength & Length Yoga is a moderately active class suitable for most levels. Move smoothly through a harmony of active yoga sequences & long, slow, deep practices then finish with a small relaxation. This class can help you breathe into bliss as you gracefully balance strength & softness. 
Bring: 1 small blanket. If you have them, also bring your mat, blocks, strap & bolster.


Pregnancy Yoga

When: Returns 2023
Duration: 75 mins
Teacher: Sharon
Suitability: 14 weeks pregnant or more
Description: Pregnancy Yoga is a specialized Prenatal yoga class designed to support women who are 14 weeks pregnant or more. No previous yoga experience required. It involves nurturing pregnancy-friendly yoga postures, breathing & relaxation practices that help to diminish tension & stress and develop strength, flexibility & a deeper connection with baby. Classes finish with a soothing relaxation. This class can help expecting mothers create a more positive pregnancy and birthing experience. 
Bring: 1 small blanket plus 1 firm pillow to sit on. If you have them, also bring your mat, blocks, strap & bolster.

Private Yoga Class

One hour of personalized yoga tuition for 1-2 people with your preferred teacher. Great way to further your personal practice or enjoy a private yoga class with your family, friends or workmates. Bring a small blanket each. If you have them, also bring your mat, blocks, strap & bolster.

Sessions by Appointment

>>> Group Rates if more than two people. Event & Workplace Yoga is also available. Contact <<<<


Workshops, Courses & Online vents

We offer a range of Courses, Workshops & Online sessions in a variety of styles:


Yoga Retreats

Need a escape that nurtures body mind & spirit… View our latest Yoga Retreats

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

WHY ARE THERE NO CLASSES ON AT THE STUDIO AT THE MOMENT? All studio classes have temporarily stopped until the studio owner returns from sabbatical in the new year. Thank you for your understanding. If you have a current valid yoga pass, please contact to discuss the refund process. In the meantime, please check out our Retreats, Workshops & Online events


Do I have to book? Yes. To allow for social distancing, there is a limited number of students permitted per session. Bookings are via our Yoga Bookings page. 
What if I need to cancel? Please email at least three hours before the start of class (so we can make your spot available to others).
What do I need to bring? Please bring a small blanket or thick towel and a water bottle. Please also bring your own yoga mat & blocks and strap if you have them. There is some equipment you can use at the studio if required (subject to proper cleaning after use).
What should I wear? Comfortable clothes & a smile! Jumper & socks on cooler days. No shoes.
Where do I park? There is plenty of on-street parking. Please avoid parking too close to driveways or bins
Can men attend? Yes! All genders are welcome.
How do I Pay? You can buy a One, Four or Eight Class Yoga Pass tvia the Online Shop on this website – just show us the voucher on your phone. Alternately, cash payments can be made at the studio. Yoga Passes can be shared by family & friends and can be used for any class on the current timetable.
What is the procedure for classes at the studio?
– Arrive 5 minutes before class starts to sign-in
– Inform the teacher before the start of every class of any general health or personal issues that may impact on your ability to participate (including if you are pregnant)
– Switch your phone to silent, take your shoes off then wash/sanitise your hands before entering the studio
– Find a space, arrange your equipment then lie down and relax.
– Be kind to others: Embrace the “quiet space” inside the studio; practice good hygiene & respiratory etiquette; respect the privacy, property, safety, security & sanctity of other persons and Viroga at all times.
– Always be kind to yourself: only engage in activities that you are physically and mentally fit and able to undertake; cease any practice if it causes discomfort & ask for assistance if your require it.
– After class, please wash/sanitise your hands & any equipment used. Let us know your ideas or feedback – we love to hear it
Are there any Online Classes or Workshops on? Yes, See our Workshops & Online Events page for details. 
Where can I buy my own yoga equipment? Some props can be purchased via our Online Shop.  Alternatively offers Viroga students a discount  – contact us for the discount code.
More questions? Contact 

>>> Please DO NOT attend if you feel unwell, if you have had recent contact with COVID-19 or are isolating / quarantining, if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or have had a recent injury or surgery <<<




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