Viroga Workshop Space is a quiet and private space for wisdom and growth. In addition to a fantastic range of Yoga Courses, we also host a range of workshops in art & craft, self development and holistic learning. You can hire the large studio and small studio at Viroga for your next workshop! Yoga equipment, trestle tables, chairs and kitchenette facilities and catering options from Satori Organics are also available. To find out more, please contact Renee at

The Small Studio has air conditioning and is approximately 5 x 5.5 meters (allows 9 yoga mats max)

The Large Studio is approximately 8.5 x 9 meters (allows 29 yoga mats max)

Viroga Workshop Space   (07) 3314 1016
Facebook: virogayogaspa
Instagram: virogayogaspa
40 Seaview St Brighton Qld 4017

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