CORONA UPDATE:  On 26 March all wellness centres, yoga & spa facilities were temporarily restricted from opening in an effort to curb COVID-19. Over this time, Viroga will be extending the expiry dates of all yoga passes & spa vouchers and offering some online live stream yoga classes. Wishing you health harmony happiness.

Meditation Course

Course Starts: Friday 8 May
When: 3 x Fridays 6:30-7:45pm
Teacher:  Kaye
Suitability: All levels including beginners
Theme:  Mindfulness & Meditations for well-being
Description: 3,2,1…Meditate! Meditation involves turning the mind inward & bringing calm, concentrated focus to either body, breath, image, sound, thought, feeling or object. Explore how practicing meditation can help to manage stress; restore calm & clarity; develop insight & awareness; increase peace & positivity; and enhance wellbeing.
Price: 3 week course is $48 per person


Yoga4Life Tweens Course

Course Starts: Monday 11 May
When: 6 x Mondays 4pm-5pm
Teacher: Annie
Suitability: Kids 8-13 years old
Yoga4Life Tweens is a specialized 6 session yoga course that promotes a healthy body, mind & spirit for kids 8-13 years old. It offers tweens an opportunity to learn about their bodies through yoga poses & yoga therapy & how to calm & nourish their minds through breathing techniques, relaxation & meditation. Creativity, fun & music are an essential part of our tweens yoga practice. Help your yogi to shine by offering them the opportunity to build confidence & resilience, strength & flexibility, calm & balance in a fun & non-competitive environment.
Price: 6 week course is $84 per child.
Booking Request:


Body Bliss Yoga for Women

When: Saturday 16 May  2-5pm
(held again 20 June)
Teacher: Laurina
Suitability: All levels including beginners
Description: Ladies… come & feel deeply nourished from the inside out. Body Bliss Yoga for Women is a luscious, bliss-filled 3 hour session filled with nurturing restorative yoga poses, guided meditation, beautiful poetry & soothing music. It creates a cascade of wonderful effects for women helping to reduce stress, ease menstrual or menopause challenges, balance hormones, and create a deep sense of peace & spaciousness.
Price: $55 per session
Booking Request:


Yin Yoga Immersion

When: Sunday 24 May 9:45-11:45am
Teacher:  Jenny
Suitability: All levels including beginners. Not suitable when pregnant.
Theme: Release stress & strengthen immunity
Description: Slow down, sink into self & find your stillness. This 2 hour immersion in Yin Yoga allows you to dive deep, tune into your meditation bandwidth and revitalize your mind, body & soul. Yin involves mindfully dwelling in therapeutic seated or lying yoga poses for 3-5 minutes. It targets the deep connective tissues in the body and helps to nourish the organs; enhance mobility & flexibility; stimulate meridian pathways & improve circulation; release stress & tension; and cultivate calm & clarity at every level.
Price: $30 per session


Gentle Somatic Yoga Immersion

When: Sunday 31 May 9:45-11:45am
Teacher: Susie
Suitability: All levels including beginners. Not suitable when pregnant.
Description: This 2 hour immersion in Gentle Somatic Yoga helps to relax chronically tight muscles caused by stress, injury or postural issues. This practice includes subtle mindful movements, breathwork & meditation designed to help gently dissolve tension & discomfort and improve balance, mobility & stability. Learn how to self-release deep tension and relieve aches & pains using easy, relaxing movements that can be incorporated into your daily routine.
Price: $30 per session


Pre & Post Natal Courses

We have a range of specialized pre & post natal offerings: 
 ~ Pregnancy Yoga Classes
 ~ Couples Birthing Workshops
 ~ HypnoBirthing Programs
 ~ Mum & Baby Yoga Courses


Private Yoga Class

When: By Appointment.
Description: One hour of personalized yoga tuition for 1 -2 people held at Viroga Yoga Studio. Great way to further your personal practice or have a private yoga class with just your family, friends or workmates. 
Teacher: As requested
Price: $85 for 1 – 2 people.
(Group Rate available for more than 2 people)


Yoga Retreats

Weekend Yoga Retreats & International Yoga Holidays 


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