Private Yoga Class

When: By Appointment
Suitability: All levels
Teacher: As requested
Description: One hour of personalized yoga tuition for 1-2 people held at Viroga Yoga Studio. Great way to further your personal practice or enjoy a private yoga class with your family, friends or workmates.
Please Bring: 1 small blanket. If you have them, also bring your mat, blocks & strap.
Price: $85 for 1 – 2 people.


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Viroga Yoga Workshops

Date: To Be Advised
 Sunday 9:30-11:30am
Suitability: All levels. Not suitable when pregnant.
Teacher: Renee 
Description: This 2 hour workshop allows you deepen your awareness & understanding of some key yoga principles. Sessions explore alignment and refinement of postures and conclude with a deep relaxation or meditation. This enjoyable & insightful journey can help you develop your yoga practice and nourish your mind, body & spirit. 
Please Bring: 1 small blanket. If you have them, also bring your mat, blocks & strap.
Price: $39 per person

Restorative Yoga Immersion 

Date: To Be Advised
When: Saturday 2:30-4:30pm
Suitability: All genders welcome (Not suitable when pregnant).
Teacher: Daphne
This 2 hour immersion into pure Restorative Yoga invites you to slow down, breathe into stillness and soothe your whole self. Feel supported as you rest effortlessly in therapeutic yoga postures bolstered by comforting yoga props. Sink softly into a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation. Find some relief from the effects of stress, help balance your hormones and improve sleep. Restore a deep sense of peace and calm to your body, mind & being. 
Please Bring: 1 sarong plus 2 small blankets. If you have them, also bring your mat, strap, blocks, bolster & eye pillow.
Price: $39 per person

Rest Reset Resonate: Yoga Sound Journey

Date: To Be Advised
When: Saturday 2:30-4:30pm
 All levels including beginners (not suitable when pregnant)
Teacher: Alexandra & Yoshie
Description:  This 2 hour Yoga Sound Journey allows you to deeply absorb the healing harmonic vibration of Japanese crystal-infused metal Singing Rings that are played on and around the body whilst you relax in supported, restorative yoga poses. Ease your mind and body into a of place of tranquillity and rest; cleanse, reset and recharge your energy; and allow your whole being to resonate with peace and harmony. 
Please Bring: 2 small blankets. If you have them, also bring your mat, blocks, bolster & eye pillow.
Price: $55 per person


Mum & Baby Yoga Course 

Start Date: To Be Advised
When: 4 x Tuesdays 10:30am-11:30am
Suitability: Mums & Bubs. At least 8 weeks after vaginal birth / 12 weeks after C-section – up until active crawling.
Teacher: Sharon
Description: Viroga Mum & Baby Yoga is a four session post-natal yoga course that involves stretching, strengthening, soothing and socializing for mums and bubs. It is a fun, safe and supportive way to de-stress, tone-up, nourish baby and connect with other new mums. Suitable from 8 weeks postpartum (12 weeks if C-section) up until active crawling.
Please Bring: 1 small blanket for mum, 1 small blanket for bub & Baby’s “big bag” of stuff. 
$65 for course (includes mum & bub). 


Meditation Immersion

Date: To Be Advised
Sunday 10am-12pm
Suitability: All levels including beginners
Teacher: Kaye
Description: This 2 hour session allows you to explore simple Meditation practices that can help you to manage stress; restore calm & clarity; develop insight & awareness; increase peace & positivity; and enhance wellbeing. Take some time to calm your busy mind, reconnect & relax.
Please Bring: 1 small blanket plus 1 pillow to sit on.
If you have one, also bring your mat. 
Price: $39 per person.

Private Birthing Workshop

When: To Be Advised
Suitability: 28 weeks onward
Teacher: Rosa
Description: This 2 hour private Birthing Workshop helps expecting mothers & their birth support person to calmly & confidently prepare for birth & beyond. It is held in a safe, supportive, fun environment and uses the latest science & research to help expecting mothers & their birth support person understand the physiology & neuroscience of each stage of labour. This practical, hands-on workshop provides many useful tools & techniques including active birth postures, breathing, relaxation, massage skills and more. Suitable from 28 weeks onward.
Please Bring: 2 small blankets. If you have them, also bring your mat, blocks, strap & bolster.
Price: $195 (for both people)


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