CORONA UPDATE: On 26 March all wellness centres, yoga studios & spas were temporarily restricted from opening in an effort to help manage COVID-19. Over this time, Viroga will be extending the expiry dates of all yoga passes & spa vouchers. We will also be offering Zoom Yoga Classes to help keep you practicing at home. Restrictions are set to ease on 12 June. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Viroga Health Spa Sessions are by appointment only.
For bookings, please call  (07) 3269 5511

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Hands-free Treatments

(No Direct Touching)

Vibrating Sauna Bed   30mins   $40
Let go and loosen up while the dry heat sauna bed stimulates and soothes your weary body

Foot Spa Treatment   30mins   $40
Sit back and soak your feet in a detoxifying ionic foot spa infused with therapeutic salts

Rocking Detox Session    20mins   $40 
Lay back and breath ionized oxygen whilst the gentle rocking motion helps you cleanse and recharge

Chakra Light Bed   20mins   $40
Find your balance as you bathe in coloured light streamed through 7 Vogel crystals whilst listening to a special recorded meditation

Hybrid Vigour Treatment   40mins   $60 
Experience the benefits of colour therapy and essential oils whilst lying in the comfort of a vibrating ionizing sauna bed

NEW! Ionizing Facial    30mins   $60 
Replenish your radiance as you lay on a soothing FAR Infrared amethyst Heat mat and receive a red LED Ionization plus hydrating facial mask.

Hands-free Packages

(No Direct Touching)

Cleanse Me Package   1hr 20mins   $125
Maximize your cleanse with a Foot Spa Treatment, Rocking Detox and Vibrating Sauna Bed session

NEW! Health & Harmony Package   60mins   $100
Restore health & harmony with a 20 minute Hybrid Vigour Treatment, Chakra Light Bed Session & Singing Bowl Sound Bath

Give a Spa Voucher as a Gift or use for your own Spa Experience


Relaxing Body Massage   60mins   $85
Relax and receive a soothing oil massage delivered by the sensitive touch of healing hands whilst you breath ionized oxygen

Bamboo & Crystal Roller Massage   60mins   $85
Gently roll-out knots and release tension with a relaxing body massage utilizing warmed bamboo rods and crystal rollers whilst you breath ionized oxygen

Gentle Pregnancy Massage  60mins  $85
Find relaxation and relief with a specialised massage designed to gently nurture expecting mothers


Spa Facial   60mins   $85
Create a radiant glow with a head, neck and shoulder massage and a classic facial including cleansing, toning and moisturizing using OmVeda skincare products

Divine Facial   75mins   $100
Feel divine with a classic facial including cleansing, toning and moisturizing using OmVeda skincare products enhanced with gentle facial acupressure, crystal roller stimulation and cranial energy-point release

Spa Treatments

Uplifting Foot Treatment   40mins   $60
Give yourself a boost as your breathe ionized oxygen whilst receiving an essential oil foot massage enhanced by gentle stimulation of the energy points around feet and toes

Cranial Energy Point Release   60mins   $85
Release mental tension and negative patterns and find tranquillity through gentle stimulation of key energy points around the head

Energy Clearing   60mins   $100 
Aura Hygiene! Clear your energy field and restore balance with this customized energy clearing session

Essential Oil Treatment   60mins   $150  
Receive nine premium organic essential oils applied with a special technique to promote wellness and inner balance

Spa Packages

Nourish Me Package   1hr 40mins   $125  
Nourish yourself with a Relaxing Body Massage plus soothing Magnesium Gel Rub and a Vibrating Sauna Bed session

Beautiful Inside & Out Package   1hr 40mins   $125
Feel beautiful with a Divine Facial plus Chakra Light Bed session

Mind & Body Package    2hrs 20mins   $185    
Bring peace to your mind and body with a Vibrating Sauna Bed session and Bamboo & Crystal Roller Massage plus Cranial Energy-Point Release

Balance Me Package   1hr 30mins   $100  
Balance your whole self with a Bamboo & Crystal Roller Massage plus Chakra Light Bed session

Pregnancy Pampering Package   1hr 45mins   $150
Honour expecting mothers with a Gentle Pregnancy Massage and Facial

Half Day Bliss Package    4 hours   $300
Find total bliss with a Bamboo & Crystal Roller Massage, Divine Facial, Chakra Light Bed Session, Hybrid Vigour Treatment, Chakra Chime Attunement & Singing Bowl Sound Bath  

Pampering in Pairs   (2 people)   2hrs 15mins   $200 
Share your spa time with someone special. 2 people receive a Relaxing Body Massage and Vibrating Sauna Bed session

Spa Party Package   (3 people or more)   Price on Request
Celebrate your birthday, wedding or special occasions with a Spa Party! Share some relaxing and rewarding time with friends, family or colleagues. Contact us to create your Spa Party package today.


Soothing Magnesium Gel Rub            $30
Exfoliating Himalayan Salt Scrub      $30
Chakra Chime Attunement                  $30
Ear Candling                                             $30

Give a Spa Voucher as a Gift or use for your own Spa Experience

Spa Specials

Viroga Health Spa also has monthly special offers! 

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