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Spa Sessions are by Appointment.
Bookings: 07 3269 5511



Spa Facial   (60 mins)   $85 
Create a radiant glow with a classic facial including cleansing, toning and moisturizing using OmVeda skincare products plus gentle facial acupressure.

Divine Facial   (75 mins)   $100
Feel divine with a classic facial including cleansing, toning and moisturizing using OmVeda skincare products enhanced with gentle facial acupressure, crystal roller stimulation and cranial energy-point release




Relaxing Body Massage   (60 mins)   $85
Relax and receive a soothing oil massage delivered by the sensitive touch of healing hands whilst you breath ionized oxygen

Bamboo & Crystal Roller Massage (60 mins) $85
Gently roll-out knots and release tension with a relaxing body massage utilizing warmed bamboo rods and crystal rollers whilst you breath ionized oxygen

Gentle Pregnancy Massage   (60 mins)   $85   
Find relaxation and relief with a specialised massage designed to gently nurture expecting mothers



Spa Treatments

Cranial Energy Point Release   (60 mins)   $85    
Release mental tension and negative patterns and find tranquility through gentle stimulation of key energy points around the head

Energy Clearing   (60 mins)   $100
Aura Hygiene! Clear your energy field and restore balance with this customized energy clearing session 

Essential Oil Treatment   (60 mins)   $150
Receive nine premium organic essential oils applied with a special technique to promote wellness and inner balance

Uplifting Foot Treatment   (40 mins)   $60
Give yourself a boost as your breathe ionized oxygen whilst receiving an essential oil foot massage enhanced by gentle stimulation of the energy points around feet and toes

Hybrid Vigour Treatment   (40 mins)   $60    
Experience the benefits of colour therapy and essential oils whilst lying in the comfort of a vibrating ionizing sauna bed

Vibrating Sauna Bed   (30 mins)   $40 
Let go and loosen up while the dry heat sauna bed stimulates and soothes your weary body

Foot Spa Treatment   (30 mins)   $40
Sit back and soak your feet in a detoxifying ionic foot spa infused with therapeutic salts

Rocking Detox Session   (20 mins)   $40   
Lay back and breath ionized oxygen whilst the gentle rocking motion helps you cleanse and recharge 

Ionizing Facial Mask   (20 mins)   $40 
Replenish your radiance as you lay on a soothing FAR infrared amethyst heat mat & receive red LED ionization plus a hydrating facial mask

Chakra Light Bed   (20 mins)   $40 
Find your balance as you bathe in coloured light streamed through 7 Vogel crystals whilst listening to a special recorded meditation 



Spa Packages

NEW! Radiance Package   (60 mins)   $85
Feel radiant with a Chakra Light Bed & Uplifting Foot Treatment

Cleanse Me Package   (1 hr 20 mins)   $100    
Maximize your cleanse with a Foot Spa Treatment, Rocking Detox and Vibrating Sauna Bed session 

Health & Harmony Package   (60 mins)   $100
Restore health & harmony with a 20 minute Hybrid Vigour Treatment, Chakra Light Bed Session & Singing Bowl Sound Bath 

Nourish Me Package   (1 hr 40 mins)   $125    
Nourish yourself with a Relaxing Body Massage plus soothing Magnesium Gel Rub and a Vibrating Sauna Bed session

Beautiful Inside & Out Package    (1 hr 40 mins)    $125 
Feel beautiful with a Divine Facial plus Chakra Light Bed session

Balance Me Package   (1 hr 30 mins)   $100    
Balance your whole self with a Bamboo & Crystal Roller Massage plus Chakra Light Bed session 

NEW! Boost Me Package   (2 hours)   $150
Give your Self a boost with a Foot Spa, Divine Facial & Chakra Chime Attunement.

Pregnancy Package   (1hr 45mins)   $150
Honour expecting mothers with a Gentle Pregnancy Massage & Facial 

Mind & Body Package   (2 hrs 30 mins)   $185    
Bring peace to your mind and body with a Vibrating Sauna Bed session, Cranial Energy-Point Release plus your choice of either a Bamboo & Crystal Roller Massage OR a Spa Facial 

Pampering in Pairs   (2 hrs 15 mins)   $200   
For 2 people. Share your spa time with someone special. Both will receive the choice of either a Vibrating Sauna Bed OR a Chakra Light Bed session, plus either a Relaxing Body Massage OR a Spa Facial 

Recharge Spa Party (2 hours) $100 per person 
For 2 or 3 people. Relax Recharge Refresh Renew! 2 or 3 people receive: a Rocking Detox Session; Hydrating Facial Mask with Red LED booster; an Infra-red Treatment for Feet with Essential Oil Foot Massage; Relaxing Massage Chair session; plus Tea & Sweets.




Soothing Magnesium Gel Rub            $30
Exfoliating Himalayan Salt Scrub      $30
Chakra Chime Attunement                  $30
Ear Candling                                             $30


 Buy Spa Vouchers to Give as a Gift
or to Pay for your Spa Experience

Spa Sessions are by Appointment.
Bookings: 07 3269 5511

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