Viroga is proud to be working with YIMI (Yoga & Integrative Medicine Institute) to offer accredited yoga teacher training at our yoga studio in Brighton, Brisbane in 2018.

This will include:

YIMI (Yoga & Integrative Medicine Institute) believes in an integrative medicinal approach, combining the best of Western Biomedicine with Eastern Yoga philosophy and practice. Their yoga, mediation and therapies courses include undertaking classes, workshops, assignments, home practice and readings and can be studied face to face, online and via distance education. Depending on the courses undertaken, upon completion, you will be qualified and ready to teach yoga and meditation classes and/or offer therapeutic advice and massage services, as well as feel confident in your practice, ability and knowledge.

YIMI Teacher Training courses are registered with Yoga Australia. These courses remain true to yoga and Ayurveda in their traditional forms, while offering insight into modern forms and styles of yoga and healing modalities. In the yoga courses, you will learn hatha yoga asana, which will provide you with the foundation to teach most modern styles of yoga, while also covering all the other aspects of yoga, with a focus mindfulness and presence.

YIMI truly believes the study of yoga and Ayurveda to be an experience you will always thank yourself for. Whether you wish to teach, or simply deepen your practice and understanding, yoga and Ayurveda study is a path of growth and development we encourage you to take.