Yin Yoga Course

5 Session Course Starts: Friday 8 March
Time: 5 x Fridays 6:30-8pm
Suitability: All levels
Teacher:  Jenny
Description: Yin Yoga is a practice of stillness… an invitation to slow down & sink deep into self. This five week course allows you to explore this therapeutic practice. Come & feel how Yin Yoga can nourish the different connective tissues of your body; stimulate meridian pathways;  loosen energetic blockages; release stress; enhance healing, joint mobility & flexibility; improve awareness; and revitalize & harmonize your body, mind & soul.
Price: 5 week course is $75.
Casual Attendance: $16 cash
Bookings: Close 48 hrs before start. Minimum numbers are required.


Align Refine Yoga Course

When: Sunday 28 April
Time: 4 x Sundays 7-8:30am
Suitability: All levels
Teacher: Caroline
Description: This 4 week course allows you to refine the foundations of your physical yoga practice based on the Iyengar method. Classes will focus on the specific alignment of yoga postures to enhance their therapeutic benefits. Props are often used to help the body find structure, stretch, support. Align Refine Yoga can help you practice confidently within your ability, improve your mobility, stamina, strength, stress release & build your awareness of body & mind. 
Price:  $60 per person
Bookings: Close 48 hrs before start. Minimum numbers are required.


Restorative Yoga 3hr Immersion

When: Saturday 30 March
(Held again 27 April)
Time: 2-5pm
Teacher: Laurina
Suitability: All levels including beginners
Description: Body Bliss Restorative Yoga creates a cascade of wonderful effects for Women. It can help to reduce stress, balance hormones & create a deep sense of spaciousness in busy lives. Come & feel deeply nourished with this luscious, bliss-filled 3 hour class with Laurina filled with comfortable nurturing yoga poses, guided meditation, beautiful poetry & soothing music.
Price: $50 per person


Tween Kids Yoga Course

6 Session Course Starts: Monday 13 May
Time: 6 x Mondays 4:30-5:30pm
Teacher: Annie
Suitability: Kids 8-13 years old
Little Lotus Tween Kids Yoga is a specialized 6 session yoga course that fosters healthy bodies, minds & spirits in kids 8 to 13 years old. Classes incorporate craft, music & role play with yoga poses, breathing & relaxation exercises. It helps Tweens naturally build confidence & resilience, strength & flexibility, calm & balance in a fun & non-competitive environment.
Price: 6 week course is $80
Bookings: Close 48 hrs before start. Minimum numbers are required.


Pre & Post Natal Courses

We have a range of specialized pre & post natal offerings: 
 ~ Pregnancy Yoga Classes
 ~ Couples Birthing Workshops
 ~ HypnoBirthing Programs
 ~ Mum & Baby Yoga Courses


Yoga Retreats

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