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IMG_9940Hatha Yoga

When: Mon 9:15am & 6:30pm. Tues 6:45pm. Wed 9:15am. Thurs 6:45pm. Sat 9:15am.
Stretch, Tone, Breathe, Relax, Enjoy!  Hatha Yoga classes focus on a weekly theme of well-being. Classes begin with a breath awareness and gentle warm up followed by a range of postures and practices designed to relieve tension, improve flexibility & strength, and nourish calm at every level. Each class concludes with a deep relaxation or meditation.
Suitability: Suitable for all levels including beginners. Not suitable when pregnant.
Teacher: Renee
Price: Casual $15.  Four Class Pass $55.  Eight Class Pass $95.  Cash Only at the studio or purchase passes through our Online Shop

YS434342Multilevel Yoga

When: Tues & Fri 9:15-10:45am.
Description: Multilevel Yoga is a moderately active class. A variety of levels are provided to suit the experience level of every student. Multilevel Yoga emphasizes a different theme each week and is designed to help you let-go of the stress of day-to-day living and connect with body, breath and mind in a non-competitive environment. Classes finish with relaxation or meditation.
Suitability: A basic level of fitness is required. Not suitable when pregnant.
Teacher: Annie
Price: Casual $15.  Four Class Pass $55.  Eight Class Pass $95.  Cash Only at the studio or purchase passes through our Online Shop

DSC_0971Vinyasa Yoga

When: Thurs 5:30-6:30pm (Light)
Tues 5:30pm & Sat 8am (Dynamic)
Vinyasa Yoga is the practice of yoga sequences that flow from pose to pose with the rhythm of the breath. We offer two Vinyasa styles at Viroga:
1. Light Vinyasa: ideal if you prefer a moderately active class or are new to the Vinyasa style.
2. Dynamic Vinyasa: is our most vigorous and challenging class. Really gets the Prana flowing! 
Reasonable level of fitness is recommended (due to the faster pace of the style). Not suitable when pregnant.
Price: Casual $15. Four Class Pass $55. Eight Class Pass $95. Cash Only at the studio or purchase passes through our Online Shop

DSC_0007 - CopyYoga Chi Gung

When: Thurs 9:15–10:30am
Yoga Chi Gung is a unique synthesis of Yoga, Chi Gung and several other systems. A typical class includes a centering and warm up, some “tapping” to help flush the Meridians, some standing Chi Gung energy balancing movements, some floor yoga postures, and a Meditation or relaxation. Yoga Chi Gung helps to balance strength and suppleness, allows extension without tension, and challenge without stress.
Suitability: Suitable for all ages and levels, including beginners. Not suitable during 3rd trimester of pregnancy
Teacher: Robynne
Price: Casual $15.  Four Class Pass $55.  Eight Class Pass $95.  Cash Only at the studio or purchase passes through our Online Shop

YS9873Pregnancy Yoga

When: Wednesdays 6:30-8pm.
Description: Viroga Pregnancy Yoga is a specialized pre-natal yoga class designed to support women who are 14 weeks pregnant or more. It involves pregnancy-specific yoga postures, breathing practices and relaxation exercises that help to develop calm, balance, strength, flexibility and nourish a deeper connection with baby. No previous yoga experience required.
Suitability: Suitable when 14 weeks pregnant or more.
Teacher: Rosa & Pamela
Price: Casual $15.  Four Class Pass $55.  Eight Class Pass $95.  Cash Only at the studio or purchase passes through our Online Shop

Private Yoga Class

When: By Appointment.
Description: Private Yoga Classes involve 60 minutes of personalized yoga tuition. Sessions are held at Viroga Yoga Studio and can be tailored to include 1–3 people. Private yoga classes are a great way to further your own personal practice or to share an exclusive yoga session with your family & friends.
Teacher: As requested
Price: $80 total for 60min session. Buy for yourself or buy as a gift.

 We can also host a Yoga Class at your WORKPLACE, CONFERENCE OR EVENT. Special rates apply. Request more information via:


Bookings… Bookings are NOT required for timetabled classes (but are essential for courses and private sessions).
Can Men Attend… Yes! All genders are welcome..
What to Bring… A positive attitude. All yoga mats and props are provided in the studio. Bottle of water is a good idea, but If you forget, you can buy them at the studio for $2.
What to Wear… Comfortable clothes and a smile (jumper & socks in cooler months). No shoes required.
Where to Park… There is plenty of on-street parking. Please avoid parking too close to driveways or in-front of bins (Friday is bin day). Please be quiet when entering / exiting to enhance a peaceful journey for all.
Before Class… Please arrive 5 minutes before the class starts to sign-in and pay. Inform the teacher before the start of every class of any general health or personal issues that may impact on your ability to participate in the class (including if you are pregnant).
How to Pay… Class prices are Casual $15, Four Class Pass $55 and Eight Class Pass $95. Cash payments only at the studio or you can use your debit or credit card to purchase passes through our Online Shop –  just show us your voucher (on paper or on your phone) as proof of payment. You can use the pass yourself or give it as a gift.
– Four class passes ($55) are to be used within 6 weeks of activation.
– Eight class passes ($95) are to be used within 10 weeks of activation.
Please let us know if you will need more time. Passes can be shared with your family & friends. Missed classes on passes are not refundable.
Entering Class… Phones Off & Shoes Off before entering the yoga room. Grab a mat and any other yoga equipment required. Find a spot – then just relax.
During Class… Please respect the property, privacy, safety, security and sanctity of the other participants, the teacher and the yoga room at all times. Please be kind to your body, mind & spirit at all times; only engage in activities that you are physically and mentally fit and able to undertake; cease any practice if it causes you discomfort; and please ask for assistance if you require it.
After Class… Please let us know your ideas or feedback – we love to hear it.


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